It’s happening.


i was able to log in this morning. Didn’t have time to do much else though.

The only thing that could’ve slightly enticed me to sign up for this is The Simpsons, but I already have every episode through various means.

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Apparently the aspect ratio is off for all the early seasons that were in 4:3. They just cut off the top and bottom to force it to wide screen chopping off a bunch of visual info for gags.


More here.


Duck tales order is wrong.

Just think, today I learned that one of the richest companies in the world takes 2+ months to implement a standard aspect ratio on their streaming service. What a time to be alive…


Jeez, already? It hasn’t even been two months yet.

EDIT: Here are the titles being pulled.

WTF? $30? We’re streaming a movie, not buying a Blu-Ray.

You’re getting a movie at what would be theatrical release time. 30 dollars is bad for 1 person, but is cheaper for a family of 3 or more in terms of the costs of going to a movie theater.

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Mulan+ was… kind of nonsensical? I get that it’s both a kids’ movie, and something the Mouse expects to do very well in China, but man. There were so many disjointed parts. It was very narrator-y. It felt like they made a two-and-a-half hour movie and realized they had to cut down to an hour fifty-five. I wonder if the director got a lot of notes during production.

Also I can’t help but compare it to Mulan 1.0. It kind of sucks that old Mulan was the best because she’s smart, and new Mulan is the best because… she’s magical?

On the plus side, it did look gorgeous.

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After a year-long hiatus, Disney is bringing its Mickey Mouse shorts to Disney+ under the new title The Wonderful World of Mickey Mouse.

New shorts are coming November 18.

Who the hell named it “Premier Access” and not “Disne Plus Ultra”?

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Why not Disney+ Plus? :laughing:

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