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Put some wheels on the side and run the whole race like that.

“Millennials will know that what Chastain did was the preferred way to win a race at Martinsville on EA Sports’ NASCAR video games in the early 2000s when you had the car damage turned off. And Chastain referenced those video games after he climbed from his car.”


Extra info I learned. He set the track record for fastest lap by a tenth of a second. In a race, on the final lap, on a track full of cars, in a car that had already gone around so many times, he was faster than any car that had ever gone around the track ever. Including everyone who had ever qualified for pole position.

New strat.

Make a car that is just like smooth a frictionless on one side, that can withstand some impact against the wall.

Remove the brakes, that’s dead weight.

All throttle, no steering wheel.

Centrifuge FTW.

We have that. It’s called slot car racing.

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That is absolutely genius, what a legend.

When two people do their homework before a race. When a jockey does his homework! INCREDIBLE ride from Mickael Barzalona 😮 - YouTube

Really, 30 minute highlights of Indycar races is my favorite race-watching experience. The season opened with a banger too: