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Out with the old, in with the new:

V8 supercars has always had varied backup series, but this is one I’ve surprisingly not heard of before - the Improved Production Car Championship.

Basically, you take a car that’s either 1)a car that’s homogulated by the FIA in Group A, recognised by CAMS for Group 3J, or otherwise commercially available through dealerships at some point, as long as more than 200 examples were sold and registered for road use. So, in other words, regular street cars.

Then, you modify it - safety equipment, brakes, suspension, and engine mods, as long as they’re within reason, and engine swaps as long as they’re from the same manufacturer as the body.

What’s the short version? You can see all sorts of modified production cars fighting it out on a fast, technical v8 supercar track. And the drivers are all absolute fucking maniacs.

The red civic is being driven by Jordan Cox, one of the craziest motherfuckers on the field, who is also his own lead mechanic. Here’s his in-car.

It all just needs some music to go with it.

I looked up Formula Offroad videos a few weeks ago, and now YouTube is recommending the videos to me all the time. I’m totally okay with that:

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The Indycar season starts this weekend. I’ll post the link to the race once they put it on Youtube. Indycar has been the best open wheel racing I’ve found of late, far more competitive than F1 and they have a great mix of road courses, street courses, big ovals, and small ovals. There’s something for everyone to enjoy!

Now I have to lookup the rules for Formula Offroad. What was that car even trying to do?

Earn points for driving different courses. Whoever gets furthest along each course gets bonus points. Points knocked off for missing the edges of the course or for having more than one run at a course.

GP2 Sprint Race. As the name implies, it is a very short race, just 23 laps. Usually you don’t have to make a pit stop, but you are permitted to do so. Best example of just how much tires matter.

Checking back in on rally - Still full of absolute nutters.

Good god. I need money so I can get in on that. Those are my kind of people.

Since playing computer games as a kid, I’ve always been interested in big trucks racing in stadiums with big jumps… until I actually watched some, and found it hard to follow, slower than I expected, and overall a bit tedious.

That is, until YouTube thought I’d like to see the same Stadium Super Trucks but on a track/road course. It’s just nuts! Some of the craziest racing I’ve seen. The recently posted races from Adelaide are a really good one, two, three of entertainment. The buildup to the final corner of the final race is soooo good, and the crazy finish line events are worth the wait. Really, just watch all these in order for the best racing of the year so far:

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I thought RC Pro AM was just for RC cars.

Indycar starts its season at St. Petersberg, as per tradition. I’ll be pulling for Will Power to bounce back after a rough 2017. They’ll be streaming practice and qualifying all weekend, then the race will air on ABC and get posted to Youtube some time in the middle of the week. Indycar has produced much more competitive racing than F1 in recent years, so I would encourage all of you F1 fans to give it a try.

Indycar is so good.

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After watching some videos of F1 pre-season testing with the halo, the new Formula E car for next year, and the Indycar aeroscreen for this/next year, the fact that those cars are zipping around with the drivers’ heads completely exposed from the front suddenly seems barbarically dangerous to me!

I would like to see the windscreen implemented sooner rather than later. Apparently they need to do more street course testing, but I’d like to see them introduce it for the Indy 500, since they have almost the entire month of May to prepare for the aero differences.

Saturday practice and likely qualifying later will be here

Some more Stadium Super Trucks, in highlight reel form:

The Indycar race on Sunday was very good, though it had a controversial finish. I’ll post the link once Indycar puts it on their Youtube account. There are some new drivers who are making an impact already.

And it’s posted!