Discover Awesome Racing 2.0

This looks really good fun, but I’m binge-playing Breath of the Wild at the moment, and I’m doing IRL mountain biking every day, so there’s not a place in my life for it at the moment. After I’m done with Zelda and a few other games in my queue I’ll check this out.

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Given the choice between real mountain biking and video game biking, I’d choose the real thing too if that was possible. Definitely check the game out eventually though. I’m having a blast playing it!

Indycar has some more safety feature news.

The new aeroscreen stopped one racer from being hit in the head with his own wheel (weird), and in another incident, a crashing car deflected away from the cockpit of another.

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It’s almost like if you prioritize diver safety, driving gets safer…

Watching the video… That could easily have been two fatalities, or a fatality and a career-ending neck injury.