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New news: Race for the Galaxy official app coming to iOS and Android.

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I wish I liked that game.

I’ve been digging Tokaido in iOS.

One day 7 Wonders will be there…


I’ve been playing the solitaire card game Onirim a lot on iOS. I own the physical copy and really enjoy it, but the app makes each game go by so much more quickly since it does all the shuffling for you.

It’s also available for Android

New-ish Dominion online.

Race for the Galaxy for Android? This may replace Neuroshima Hex for me.

I choose CONSUME.

Consume 2 x VPs

I went to buy it, and then decided not to. It’s a lot of money, and doesn’t seem to come with a lot of, or any, expansions. Even if you don’t care how much it costs, since it’s certainly much much cheaper than a physical copy of the game, they don’t even have DLC for all the expansions yet. Just one or two are available, and are a few dollars each. You know this shit is going to be on sale. It really only interests me to play it with every expansion, so I’ll wait.

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It’s Gathering Storm and Rebel vs Imperium. This is the format that people at my game store prefer to play most often, anyway. I bought it and played RvI for two hours last night.

They’re probably working on the UX for the prestige options in Brink of War. Alien Artifacts and Xeno Invasion have subsystems they need to teach the AI about (the PC version has never supported them)

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I’m thinking about picking up Terra Mystica. Anyone try it?


Beta Testing for 7 Wonders is starting. Right now they have over 9000 applicants and selecting 2000 testers.

I’m ready for more 7 Wonders (Cities & Leaders expansions only). Played recently and that 7 Wonders itch has started again.

I’m stoked to play this more often. Need to get those FRCF games rolling!

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I got in the beta. It’s downloading now.

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It’s very beta. The UI needs a LOT of help.

Yep in the Beta as well. Will play later on today.

Give it a few more years

So we got mean jokes now.


If you like fun, fast solo card games, Onirim has a great digital implementation and is quite cheap on both Android and iOS.

This is kinda painful to play. It was hard figuring out what my opponents had/were doing.

Through the Ages is here, ohhh yeah.