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Good to hear! Volume 2 felt like filler.


Just got and read volume 3. I mean, we all knew that Driller is a Killer, but holy shit. DRILLER A REAL KILLER.

Volume 1 was a great start. Volume 2 was filler that barely advanced the plot. Volume 3 was flashbacks.

The story is stuck in neutral. Maybe it’s a really short series and everything is wrapped up in Volume 4?

I really disagree that Volume 2 was a filler, it progressed the present story quite a lot.

Volume 3 gave us flash backs while visiting the events at the end of Volume 2 which provided more weight to relationships, characters and perspectives which lead to another cliff hanger.

Maybe Lemire’s writing pacing or style is not to your taste? The pacing ranges from compressed to decompressed depending on the volume chosen.