Decorating your space

This is one part question and one part discussion starter.

What do people use to decorate your personal space? Wall art, figures, stolen Greco-Roman statuary?

I’ve been down-sizing every time I’ve moved in the past several years, but also starting to take more control of my space. I’m currently in a studio, so I don’t have much space for things that take up lots of space aside from what fits in my curio cabinet.

What I have been doing is slowly collecting art for the walls. Most of what I’ve got now is art prints, a combination of local artists from Rochester and some of the Art Deco images NASA put out a year ago. The problem is, I don’t know where to go to expand my collection much. I want to pick up more art. But it seems hard to find the kind of thing in the style I’m generally collection: geeky art that leans more towards fine art than pop. (Example)

I would love to find some solid fantasy prints of artists like Tony Diterlizzi. Or stuff with a similar vibe. Is my best bet hunting through artist’s alleys in conventions?

I have a handful of instruments hanging on my walls to add character to my room. For posters I’ve got a custom designed Black Pistol Fire poster, a vintage 1976 All This and WWII poster, a vintage 1978 Darkness on the Edge of Town poster, vintage 1988 Bruce Springsteen record insert, and my favorite motivational poster.I used to have a wall of records but I took those down to prepare for some new furniture that’s going to cover up that wall space. If I get more wall space I’ll probably make more custom band posters for bands that don’t have any yet.

DeviantArt may be a good resource for your fantasy prints. Convention Artist Alleys will be more reliable for sure tho.

I have more unhung art than hung art. My space is currently decorated almost exclusively with the implements of daily living… -_-


Glad to see artists sticking to realistic proportions, I guess. :wink:

That’s been the hard part for me. I’ve still got to put together the things to hang up the knives and boards. I still need a magnet block.

The art’s been simple enough.

We too have a lot of cool art that is sitting in a box that isn’t hung.

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Since space is limited for me due to 1/4 of my wall and floor space dedicated to my set and 1/2 of what’s left mostly used for storing equipment and tootls, I mostly decorate my desk area and shelves with figurines. Everything else is kept pretty functional.

I like to keep my desk nice and clear, and my shelves are full of totes for storage, so I try to avoid collecting little figures and knickknacks (with the exception of a single vinyl BMO). However I do collect concert posters from shows I go to and prints from artists I find on Instagram. I also like alternate movie posters like this Jaws one I found on Etsy.

I have a moderate collection of vintage electronics on display between shelves of books. One corner of the living room is just retro video game things, the rest is mostly art made by friends. We also have a bunch of art which I can’t figure out what to do with because our house isn’t that big and I feel weird mixing it all together.
I’m not big on figurines and knickknacks but I’m also hesitant to get rid of the ones I already have for no rational reason.

After I asked, found a site that’s got a variety of artists, including the artist who does the covers for two authors I like. Including an album of my apartment as it’s currently to show the kind of art.

I tend to have just technology on my table, the most fancy stuff seems to be related to my keyboard such as wrist rests, whatever keyboard I’m using will usually have awesome keycaps.

Otherwise a wall scroll with Tim Bradstreet (pinup and cover art artist) art (showing off one of the covers during the most enjoyable runs of the Punisher). and a Michael Cheval (absurdist artist) mini replica (“Melody of Rain”).

I have statues in other rooms, one of “Lying Cat” from the Saga series and another is a statue of the Punisher based on Steve Dillon art.

I made this twine clothesline thing to hang up art that friends made or commissioned. Its cool cause you can switch pictures out whenever you want. ^^

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BOOKS. My ideal (and indeed current) living space has walls lined with bookshelves. Which are, naturally, full of BOOKS, but also little figurines, sea shells, and stuffed animals. Places that aren’t covered with bookshelves generally have an art print or pretty nature photograph.

My wife and I have a lot of art, mostly prints but there’s a few really nice antique Japanese woodblocks and a few original paintings one of her great uncles did.

Got a new desk plant. This one should last me awhile with minimal care.

My desk is decorated in varying levels with

  1. Geek Cultural Tokens

  2. Pens.

  3. Cables.

  4. Various company nic-naks I haven’t taken home yet.

We inherited some great art from my grandfather. Animation cells from Yellow Submarine and a plethora of World War I posters being the highlights.

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Put this bad boy on your wall.

Would you like to know more?

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When people enter my apartment, their usual comment is “So, you like birds?” Heck yes I like birds. Also mid-century furniture.

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Took about 2-3 years of living in my apartment to decorate my work at home space. Going to try to finish up this weekend for the other half of the room.