Cyborg: The Implanted Elite

My body is ready. I want a memory implant for starters. Cybernetic eyes would be cool too.

I’d sorta be down for some of these. But at least for the moment I’d be second in line. My body is still young and strong, when it’s old and busted, I’ll be first in line. At least for the moment, second in line.

I’d be down for implants of all sorts but only if there is guaranteed way I can switch into autistic mode if I want to or if the only method of network access is through a wired connection. Until we have good AI driven firewalls, I don’t want someone getting into my wetware through the web.


That honestly goes without saying. I’m not turning my body bit by bit into IoT trash. If I’m getting a new memory that doesn’t degrade, It’d better be about as dumb as a metal hip that we can already get.

It’s still early days, but there’s already companies making Batou eyes.


I’m doing robot legs as soon as they are demonstrably better than my current legs.

It’s a risky operation, but it’ll be worth it.

I mean, I have cerebral palsy so my cost benefit ratio is way higher. But yeah still real risky.

I want Ghost in the Shell bodies where your enhanced brain is in its own hardened box and you can put it in any body you want. I would be first in line for that kind of tech. I would LOVE to be able to change my body on a whim.

Why does everyone want a squishy, and awful biobrain to be a part of their otherwise awesome cyborg body?

That’s why I said GitS style, it kinda runs the gamut but you can get hardened and enhanced brains.