"Crunchy" Tactical-ish JRPG recommendations

So between the 1200+ hrs between XCom Franchise and Battletech (each) I think I figured out what kinds of Game I’m the most into.

What would be something you’d recommend for either PC or PS4 that would be the most “final fantasy tactics”-like game. In the JRPG Fantasy-ish.

Something where the base combat system allows you to tinker to a degree. Where you keep bouncing between that Strategic/Tactical layer. Turning loot won in the tactical layer to advance some sort of Strategic layer that opens new options in tactical combat, that sort of thing.

If there’s a stand out mobile game I’d be interested, only if it was a single-purchase and not a money hole like most mobile games turn into.

It’s closer to a FF6 than FFT, but I enjoyed the hell out of Octopath Traveler in just the kind of manner you’re talking about, playing with the loot, classes, and abilities to achieve a level of mastery over the game itself.

The game has a slow-ish opening chapter where you first meet all the characters and learn their tricks, but by the second chapter, you’ve got the ability to double-job characters and the strategies start coming into play.

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If you want to strictly stick to the JRPG genre, there’s Disgaea, which should be on both PC and PS4, Phantom Brave, Valkyria Chronicles might qualify. If you have a 3DS or a Switch I’d recommend Fire Emblem.


Fire Emblem is basically the quintessential tactical RPG series. Valkyria Chronicles is also definitely a tactical RPG.


Hard Second on Fire Emblem, I recommend the GBA Fire Emblems as a good starting point.


Honestly, the GBA and the DS had some of the best tactical games I’ve ever played, hands down.

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Basically I need to go back to Valkyria Chronicles 4 then.

I’m familiar with Fire Emblem, what are the new ones like? The old ones had a very Rock-Paper-Scissors-Lizard-Spock-Bananna approach, so I’m wondering if the new ones changed that up a little.