I made an FRCC crossword puzzle.

It doesn’t strictly adhere to all the layout rules, but you know what? Making a totally-conforming one is really hard!

Here is an online player that renders it properly, other players that google finds don’t line up the clues correctly.

I would upload the puzzle file so you could all play it, but the forum prohibits file uploads that aren’t jpg, png, or gif. Suggestions that aren’t shady-ass filesharing sites? Just go with a shady-ass one?

Update: here’s the puzzle file.

Is that page supposed to work? I just keep getting “Error Loading Puzzle” on all of them.
I tried it on two different browsers, BTW.

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Well yeah, you need a puzzle file. Which I haven’t uploaded yet.

Just use Google Drive or Dropbox?


That’s about all the effort I’m going to put into it.

Partial Answer

A letter obviously got changed when I was taking the screenshot.