Criterion Collection Films

Hi there I have decided to update my viewing habits by adding a Criterion Movie here and there to be more well rounded in films. With the Streaming Service Live I wanted to keep track of what films I watched. Enter me for the past hour:

Yes I would like to change the “: us :” to :us: however I have not found a simple way to do that. Also adding an IMDB link or some cover art would make it stand out (like this ‎The Complete Criterion Collection, a list of films by Josh • Letterboxd)

  1. Anyone interested in helping me edit the template? I threw it on GDrive for ease of sharing but have a local copy that I am going to work with.

  2. Any good starting points on the Criterion Collection to start watching, outside of Robocop?

Find a common factor and then watch all films with that common factor. Pick a great director and watch all their films. Pick a great actor and watch all their films. Pick something fun like watching every Godzilla movie or every Zatoichi movie. After you finish, pick another one.

The site has a section with collections where they make it very easy to do exactly this. For example:

You are going to have to venture into other services, and perhaps the high seas, because their collection is not complete. So when you are done watching a collection, go reference IMDB and see if there are any that you missed. Did the actor appear in anything that wasn’t on Criterion? Probably yes.

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Here’s my picks from the Criterion channel front page for collections.

Also they have a ton of noir films so you could deep dive on that genre.