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I’m remaking this thread because I’d like some help workshopping my first convention panel: a lecture about giving recommendations.

The convention is Anime Central and the deadline is February 1st, so I should really submit it sooner than later. I’ve spent the last couple days writing an outline, and I’m pretty satisfied with submitting it to the convention as-is in terms of a proof of concept. I’m sure the panel will change as I rehearse it and refine it, but for now, I think it does a decent job of demonstrating that I have a plan. Here is a link to the GoogleDoc.

So if I’m basically done, why am I posting here? Feedback on the outline is definitely appreciated, but specifically, I’m looking for ideas on the title.

I spent some time reading the threads from the old forum (linked above) and watching the GeekNights video, and given my own con-going experience, I am very convinced that potentially the most important thing is the title. I can change the outline between now and May, but I don’t want to count on being able to change the title, so I need to decide on that ASAP.

Some ideas:

  • How to Get People to Watch Your Recommendations
  • Your Recommendations are Bad and you Should Feel Bad
  • Recommendations on Recommendations
  • Recs on Recs
  • Accommodations for Recommendations

Do any of those strike you are particularly strong or weak?

Any/all feedback appreciated :slight_smile:

Reading over your script, it doesn’t read like a panel about how to recommend anime, but rather one on how to figure out what your friends will like – which is fine, but your title should reflect that. It’s good content, but you need to sell it accurately.

Also, is anyone going to AB/CTCon still interested in Clueless Analysis II? That went amazing with Utena and I want to see how close to that magic we can bring back.

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Thanks for taking a look!

Hmm yeah I’ll admit that it’s a little shoehorned into being about recommendations, but I figured that made it seem more tangible, useful, relatable. Not sure how I would sell “listen to me talk about how different people engage with art, featuring anime examples”, or if I’d be able to build as strong of a thesis.

“How To Diagnose Your Anime Taste” or something to that effect would be good. Make the title reflect that you’re talking about what a person will like, not how to get them to watch something you think they should. I actually think it’ll be an easier sell to the con. Recommendation panels are dime a dozen. You’ve got a new approach and should show it off.

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I’ve thought about it a lot the past week and talked to a few other people and, in the end, I’m going follow your advice, Greg. Definitely going to rebrand and restructure, and hopefully submit it later today.

Thanks again for the feedback.

Forked the google doc for the new direction. This is what I’ll be submitting to the convention: Outline v2

Greg, would you mind giving it one last pass? Thanks!

Looks good. I hope it gets in!

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I am slowly getting back to normal and working on doing some team projects coming soon include a diversity panel with a hip hop production company.

However for now I will leave you with my one panel I performed at PAX South filmed by a guy who asked me if I wanted him to do it.

We’ve done 216 panels (that we counted) at cons. 43 of those were at PAXes. 20% of all the panels we’ve EVER done were at PAX.

Working on lucha underground panel to take a break from my PAX rehaul. The more I do this the more my desire to own a knob rises…

I have an idea for a talk I’d like to give at a convention. What’s your strategy for coming up with a title?


[quote=“Excerpt from my Book, post:12, topic:220, full:true”]
The panel title should have something to catch the audience. Something controversial is always good, but make sure it’s also evocative of what your panel is about.
Example: “Initial D: Fact vs Fiction”[/quote]

For the longest time I would have never thought this panel would be on YouTube. Now it is, the (very) abridged version.

shamelessly plugs his book
doesn’t say what it is


Depends on what audience you want to attract.

I’m still trying to figure out how to sell digital goods online without having to pay a monthly fee. Once I get that down, I’ll start linking to it but, in the mean time, I’m basically plugging that it exists. lol

Whatever you need me to do for this just ask. Super excited for this one.

Finally got back word, my ACEN panel was accepted!

Now I have to actually prepare and rehearse the dang thing :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks again for your help!

Good news I now know what I need to do for my taxes which means hitting the two panels for Zenkaikon.