Convention games

I am working on a project and want to ask the general audience for this information. What would you consider a good convention game? As in if you see the game at a convention that you would go out of your way to play it.

  1. A unique theme, especially one that translates well to board games.
  2. Obvious quality. High quality bits and bobs, as if care was taken to assemble the game.
  3. Size. Very large or very small boxes will tend to draw my eye, the former for novelty, the latter because they tend to correspond to small play atoms.
  4. Word of mouth. Trusted friends, or if I’m wandering around the con and see the game always out, I’ll tend to try to check it out.

I thoroughly enjoy your use of a game’s atomic length as criteria for wanting to play at a con.

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  1. A game that is easily and quickly taught and isn’t too complex.

  2. A game that doesn’t last long so I can do other things or if I like it, I can play it again.

  3. A game that you wouldn’t mind playing with a bunch of strangers.

  4. A game that plays a large number of players.

A perfect example of a good convention game for me is Spot It! I know that game is always popular at cons like MAGFest etc.