Some weird indie handheld:

Look at the crank on that thing! I seriously doubt I’ll get it, but I like people trying crazy new stuff.

Here’s a collection of a lot of old and newer console logos:

My favorite is the Mattel Hyperscan (what?) from 2006 (what??):

It looks like it was designed in 1982!

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There’s something about the design of the Sega Dreamcast that is just great.

I wish the SD card mod was more accessible, I would get more use out of mine.


Yeah, the anti-piracy efforts of optical disc consoles have really put a damper on things in a way the previous cartridge ones have not. For very cheap you can get a clone console that takes NES, SNES, Genesis, cartridges etc. Want to play Dreamcast? Find an original working console, get the rare SD board to fix a broken console, or emulate. Or maybe you have amazing skills and part supply to actually fix a GD-ROM?

I believe lasers for all GD-ROM are failing from age.

I do have an emulator, but it never quite works as well as the hardware version.

The best case is to replace the disk drive with the SD card reader, which emulates the output of the laser.

It’s been impossible to get one of these.

Yeah, it was impossible to get one even before the chip shortage. Might be worth it to research how to fix GD-ROMs instead.