Connection 2018

To those who are going and do panels, let me know if you want to do some I have some gaps to fill.

I have spent the past 5 hours making signs for the banners for the convention. When I told them how much it costs to print them I nearly had people faint. More stories to come.

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Making like official banners? Like with crafts supplies?

Nope think a giant sheet of white paper that gets taped onto a banner that has a schedule for the room on it. Turns out no one knew how to do it face palm

Office Depot Blueprint printing

Turnaround is usually one day or same-day. Just can’t have large solid color areas. I used that for years to print all the ctcon stuff.

I just paid out of pocket. The con failed every year to actually reimburse me. Granted, I never followed up too seriously to try.

We ended up havings omeone run down to Minuteman near City Steam and do that, but we’ll keep that in mind for next year.

Godspeed :wink:

15 characters worth of godspeed.


That went surprisingly smoothly.

Plan on hearing a call for 2019 panels soon.

I knew you had it in you. No way to take the reins except a trial by fire.

For all the issues that come up in Panels, there’s always some excitement elsewhere that ends up overshadowing it.

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Pretty much. We got one comment that this was the worst con ever, but so many other positive comments.

Ideas are flowing for next year, rich and free.

At least on twitter, the only complaints I saw were.

  1. Kids mad that they couldn’t get into a full panel
  2. Reg line too long
  3. All the excitement around the “fireworks”

Mostly just positive tweets!

The fireworks thing was just weird. We were joking that we might have to record the Police shutting down that Chicken and waffles place again, like last year, and then we walk out and there’s just HPD every-fucking-where.