Connecticon 2020

Feels like we just wrapped up the post-game from 2019, but panel submissions for 2020 are up.

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Could you make it so the description box expands as you type text for the panel description in schedule section? More than a few words won’t show up in that tiny little box.

I, uhhh…

I wouldn’t worry about Connecticon 2020 anymore.


Finally. We didn’t submit panels because frankly, even if it did happen we definitely weren’t going to attend. I’m already planning on no cons for 2020 unless radical changes in trajectory happen.

There’s rumblings of a CTCon-at-home thing, assuming I can get Dagle to run it right.

If you get something like that going, we’re willing to throw content your way!

But I don’t think either of us would have time to help with anything but the content itself.

I think we have enough cooks for the broth, we just need some… content vegetables? For the… flavor matrix?

Anyway, don’t worry, I’ll definitely be pulling on that thread when we start planning.

I have some notes on what works and doesn’t for these online cons. I’ve been researching them for another un-named con. I’ll share them with you when I get a chance. They may be helpful.

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If you could get them to me before tomorrow, that’d be great! That’s when we’re having our meeting.

I’ll get you a quick and dirty version by then :wink:

That looks like a fun idea!

We’re pretty pumped for it, honestly. It’s going to be a full weekend of panels, speedpainting, and all sorts of nutty fun. Discord is here for anyone interested: