Connecticon 2019


Coldguy and I are really hoping to plan the most fucking kick-ass CTCon Connecticut’s ever seen next year. If some of the pie-in-the-sky dream stuff happens, we’ll succeed by miles. If just the normal stuff, we’ll still do pretty kick-ass.

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I submitted a resurrection of my old animation panel. Working on an outline of a Springsteen panel before I submit it too.

So how was your weekend? Mine has been a bit busy…

Not completed at all, more of this is what we have so far. Will make it pretty later. @Duchess @Viga Please tell me I didn’t screw up your stuffs.

Looks good to me.

Also, one thing you may notice is we finally managed to get them to ditch the silly names; it’s back to City/River 1 2 3 4 etc.

I worked at ConnectiCon 2019, it seems the attendees were just as confused by “Cityside” and “Riverside” as the PAX Style alphabetical order.

I can only do much to fix it, at least this year was a good year.

THe only thing that really bothered me was when we were sitting at panel ops, with a great view of the Connecticut river right behind us, and people would ask “Which one’s Riverside?”

(PS what department were you?)

I was at info desk.

Upstairs or downstairs? if upstairs, we sent a lot of people your way for those 18+ wristbands they weren’t going to need.

Well don’t I feel cool.

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