Computer advice thread ("What's the best way to do this?")


If no one pays for it, then we don’t get CentOS, and then we’ll all be using Debian. My manager is obsessed with having “support” and it drives me up the wall.


I mean, I run kali in the linux subsystem at home (still to chickenshit too fully switch to linux) and it’s not so bad. Everything mostly just works.


Btrfs isn’t quite RAID in the standard sense, but with multiple disks you can get a redundancy similar to that of RAID.


A lot of people apparently are using it, but maybe they just don’t think it’s stable enough yet for “big customers”? They’re apparently planning to add btrfs-like volume management to XFS in a project called Stratis:

Some folks really like the security blanket of having someone they can yell at on the phone if something goes wrong.

FWIW, my company uses CentOS as the embedded Linux for our products, so we track what’s going on in the RHEL world closely.


I feel weird because I have literally nothing worth backing up on my PC. I don’t take photos or video of any consequence and I save anything important on Google drive which is mostly records. If my hard drive exploded this second I’d be annoyed I had to buy a new one to install Windows and my re download my games and that’s about it


I generate terrabytes of data that I don’t want to lose. Photos, videos, projects I’ve completed or am working on. I generate and collect a lot of data.


I’m the best of both worlds.

I have a robust and thorough backup system that I maintain with the fervor of a sysadmin trying to maintain the uptime of and don’t generate much data at all.

I’m not sentimental and so I don’t do any picture taking. I don’t really produce much besides code which I already back up to my github account (migrating to gitlabs soon enough) and throwaway content I make in the moment, throw on the internet and don’t care about much.

I see my encrypted daily dumps to carbonite hybrid (point the first, personal data on the cloud and not encrypted? who am I, my dad?, point the second. I’m using hybrid because my personal stuff isn’t the only thing I back up there) and they basically are static in size. Every day changing only very little.

You can even sorta start to establish a pattern of my use by monitoring the size of my backups.

It’s like I’m all set for the day I start producing gigabytes of stuff to store every day but never do.


I’ve finally installed the actual nVidia drivers on my CentOS box. Hope it will stop the weird input hang up I’ve been seeing.


That reminds me to check on my script. There haven’t been any new drivers, and it hasn’t tweeted, so maybe it’s working?


Can anyone recommend a VESA monitor mount? If possible I’m looking for one with dual mounts that clamps onto the desk, since my current desk and most of the desks I am considering buying in the near future don’t have grommet holes and I would prefer to not drill a hole in the desktop if possible.


Overkill option


Overkill is fucking right, holy shit. That’s for when I build my home flight simulator super setup.


I have two of these. They good.

LX Desk Mount LCD Arm


Man they are pretty expensive but this is definitely a buy once cry once situation. That looks high fucking quality. Definitely going to consider them.


I don’t know, I bought the $45 cheapy monitor mount 4 years ago and it’s still good enough.


Just for fun, I looked back at my mdadm raid5 creation notes. They were from 2005 and I was assembling 4 × 250 GB drives into a 750 GB raid. :laughing:


Do you have it clamped to the edge? If so is it stable and the monitors not wobble too much? I have seen several reviews on different models that they bounce a lot on the clamp.


Yes, I have it clamped to my desk. I imagine that it depends a lot on the quality of the desk. Mine is 1.25" solid wood, it’s very sturdy. The monitors don’t wobble noticeably to me, and I have them as high as possible. If they were going to wobble, they would have by now. It has all Allen headed bolts, so I have it tightened down into a fixed position. It might not be the best if you want to move things on a regular basis. Still, it hasn’t failed me yet and it’s way better having the monitors higher up for my neck issues.


Okay that answers exactly what I was wondering, whether it was people’s particular situation or the mounts and arms themselves. Now I know what to get. Thanks!


I guess this is only computer-adjacent, but whatever.

I used to watch almost all of my stuff on my computer. However, after moving I want to migrate to a TV + couch setup for my media consumption. So far I’ve been using my XBox 360 to stream files from my computer, which is unfortunately rather limited in what it can handle. Particularly I need something that can handle .mkv files, particularly ones that have optional subtitles and/or multiple audio tracks (and I am not particularly keen on turning my computer into a full time video converter). I considered simply connecting my computer to the TV, but that of course would mean I would have to sit in front of the computer again or be without control if I need to pause or change files etc.

I am also looking into possibly purchasing a Roku, Amazon Fire stick, Apple TV, or similar product (or possibly a new TV), but I am unfortunately woefully inexperienced with this stuff. Does anybody here have suggestions for my use case? What would be the best purchase or are there options without having to buy a dedicated add-on?