Climate Change

5 year plan, 10 year plan, 20 year plan, 50 year plan…

How much time do we really have?

Ban cars, ban beef, ban billionaires today.


Quite a few food crops like being in the partial shade, and it’s a win/win to grow them under some solar panels.

Wonder if there could be some good setup here even for a smaller scale home garden.

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This is from 2021, but I want to repeat its message.

Everything we burn, we breathe.

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I always wondered about this. If this study is right, then I was right.

My opinion is that for heating/ cooling/ ventilation under global warming, having an AC is a basic necessity.

How we deal with taking carbon out of the atmosphere, deal with the additional power consumption and waste heat is another problem.

Even under capitalism, the best, fastest, cheapest solution has and will always be: plant more trees, stop burning fossil fuels, build more solar farms and larger energy storage facilities. Everything else nuclear, wind and whatever the fuck are intermediaries to support the baseline energy supply. Every region will need it’s own array of solutions.

Honestly I quite like the idea of global-scale engineering projects to solve global-scale crises. I have no expertise to know if these ideas are good/viable.

If anyone as any jokes, I’d love to hear them. Personally I’m panicking internally everyday.

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Exercise can help with that. Have you considered taking up swimming?


I’d do more than just skating, running, climbing, poling, aerialing, cycling if I didn’t also have to work.

I admire your dedication to fitness, though admittedly it was mostly a rising sea levels joke.


War on cars, war on capitalism, war on war…