Climate Change

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Good share, she was fucking brilliant - I would have fallen apart.

Imagine if Richard -fucking- Madeley put this much effort into taking down corrupt officials or teaching his viewers about Climate Change.

This kind of angered me…


There must be a term for when a species willingly causes it’s own extinction. Capitalism?

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Recycling was never the answer. We ned a circular economy and products that fit into a circular economy.

No more designing for obsolescence. More design for end of life and design for repair.

The greenwashing scams aren’t going away. We can’t fix one part of the broken economy without changing the other.

We need global cooperation on every level of society.

Summer’s coming.

California resides next to a gigantic ocean. Drought shouldn’t be a concern.

Is this sarcasm?

India Bans Wheat Exports in Growing Wave of Food Protectionism

Desalination is an extremely energy intensive process that is largely uneconomical unless you have like gulf state petro money to burn.

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