Civilization V: The FRC Game

That Civ V game that we started on GMR with the FRC a year and a half ago? It’s far enough along that I can start posting videos from when I started recording my interesting turns!

So, we begin with turn 95: right when the game is about to get interesting!

This will be a series of short episodes documenting the rise and (hopefully not fall) of the Portuguese Empire.

“My friend James, who is also dangerous at this game” – HA! yeah, I was probably the least dangerous person in this game having basically zero multiplayer civ experience :). As your future videos will show, I had no military to speak of and fell out of the game very quickly. Won’t make that mistake next time.

[quote=“James, post:2, topic:859”]
s your future videos will show, I had no military to speak of and fell out of the game very quickly.
[/quote]IIRC, there’s a moment where I realize that all my careful planning to sneak a force around that lake and surprise you had been entirely unnecessary. =P

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This did help me picture your empire better, even if it’s old, I don’t have eyes on your continent. :-p

This is why I didn’t post videos before, and was still hesitant to post even ancient ones.

I build myself for defense and skipped a couple of good city spots for a reason. I knew these days of war would come one way or another :wink:

Apologies for missing my last turn and getting booted from the game. My boyfriend’s father passed away and I went to spend time with his family without setting the game into holiday mode. When I remembered, it was alas too late. Thank you for the few turns anyhow.

Hey when is the next video going to be put out, Clearly you don’t have to worry about Strategic value of the videos now :-p

lol, I actually dumped ALL the videos onto the fast SSD for continuing the series now.

I can pinpoint the exact moment of my fall. I had a large and invincible navy. Rather than use it, I should have just taken a few key city states and otherwise kept to my plan.

The funny thing is, none of my attempts at diplomacy were tricks. I really would have given you all the cities I took. My only goal was to keep Ethiopia from running away with the game on the giant not-yet-fully-exploited continent :wink:

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