Civ V Patreon Game

I need to refind TallTale. I found this person on the old boards but now it’s new boards and apparently new names. Reveal yourself! We need to engage in jolly co-operation.

There is finally, after long years of bloody warfare, peace on my continent.

I see that someone on the other side of the world has a massive army. You’d best stay where you are…

No bloody war here, just the quick and efficient eradication of a people and their way of life. Par really.

Oh come now .I kept Egypt as a pet. They’re quite happy to coexist, and I give them a treat every now and then!

Awww. You’ll have to let me pet them when I visit. I’ll bring wine.

There are only two remaining players with the fall of Japan.

Perhaps it is time to begin a new game while this one winds toward conclusion.

TallTale is the sole remaining player other than myself. Emperor of China, the second most powerful civilization in the world now that Japan has been neutered.

I liberated and revived the conquered Celts (who I never met in the course of the game), gifting them several Japanese cities as reparations. I was unable to recover their capital, which is still in Japanese hands after the armistice. However, Japan is massing troops and appears to be preparing for war against them.

I have a large army in reserve prepared to both defend their current capital and attempt to liberate their original capital, returning it to them. Japan does, however, have a large air force, having devoted most of their industry to it, and I may risk losing my foothold on their continent if I overextend.

Egypt continues to prosper after I liberated them from Poland long ago. Their people have adopted Order along with mine, and are some of the happiest and most advanced people in the world. They helped me repeal Japan and China’s odious Freedom Mandate, and I have allowed them to settle many new cities around the world in addition to those I returned.

Poland exists and has been massing troops along my border for decades, still fuming about my war of liberation to restore Egypt from their clutches. I suspect a Poland-Japan act of aggression is in the future, but much of my army is prepared to defend the Celts and I may be forced into a stalemate or even lose some ground in the north if they truly desire war (at least for the short term).

Next time I tell people to gang up on rym I will use this link as evidence.

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Yes, my defense of my (at the time equally-powerful) neighbors and the liberation of their cities is such a terrible thing. My strict adherence to treaties is just awful.

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As the game enters its final stages and the throes of war, I now begin to publish the videos of how it all went down.

This game man…it’s something else

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Strangely Rym stopped showing videos of his other Civ game, I wonder why he didn’t document that game further? :-p

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I have the full archive. I was literally only waiting in case knowledge of my interior would have been useful for remaining players. :wink:

Part two!

Part three. Encroaching on Persia.

Part four: Trying to Settle

Part five: Couldn’t Settle, Time for WOR

Persepolis falls

For anyone following along at home, the game has ended. Someone has won. I am currently taking all of the recorded videos and commentary from the entire run of the game to put together the complete series :wink:

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Part 8
The Razing of Susa