Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy and other American Football issues

They’d have some nice Tua patches on their jerseys for half a season.

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By the way, running a drill through your head might cause brain damage.


nine of McCrory’s articles were retracted from prestigious medical journal the British Journal of Sports Medicine and 74 more had “notices of concern”.

What is this guy, the smoking scientist?

Also Guardian not spelling out that AFL is Australian Football League, come on.

I am shocked, shocked.

A guy just was administered CPR on the field for 9 minutes after taking a hit.


He made it to the hospital in critical condition, the game is postponed.

CW: Video of people being brain injured.

There’s this new slap fight show. No surprise, people forced to take slaps to the face/head get severely injured. At least in boxing and mma you are allowed, and even expected, to dodge or block.

Yeah, I saw the video yesterday. Absolutely stupid and exploitative.

Chris Nowinski, whose twitter account you are linking to, is btw a professional wrestler who retired after suffering from post-concussion syndromes. He has since become an advocate for prevention of head trauma in the NFL and other contact sports such as wrestling, and got himself a degree in neuroscience in 2017.

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I can’t even believe this is allowed. At least with boxing they are supposed to have commissions that determine what is and isn’t allowed. Who allowed this? What next? The barge?

Random recommended video that was a podcast with Chad “Ocho Cinco” Johnson. Really good conversation.

I saw some Ochocinco headlines recently about how he was literally living at the stadium for some time. Is this where those stories are coming from?

15 Characters of Yes.

If only we had a functioning government that could do things quickly. This could have been done over a decade ago, and might even get done soon. All those years of children could have their bodies less damaged.

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Engaging through experiments that I would be one board with if it happened.