Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy and other American Football issues

New season begins.

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Fuck. And I mean holy fuck.


Wait, they were doing what now?

What the fuck?


Last night, in the Jets/Habs game, another egregious hit. This time a player left on a stretcher.

It was a clear intent to harm. While the incident in a recent Rangers game was arguably more egregious in terms of the rules violation, this one was more horrifying in the outcome.

After the Rangers incident, the league didn’t take significant action. So the players took it into their own hands in the next game. The league even penalized the Rangers for publicly speaking out.

The league should have made an example of Tom Wilson and expelled him from play permanently. I don’t care if it isn’t “fair”: at some point they need to make an example of someone and change this dynamic.

I fully expect they will take no substantial action now against Mark Scheifele, and the cycle will just continue. I hope against hope they use this opportunity to make an example, but I know they won’t.

Hockey is far better than American Football on this front, but it falls so far short of what should be reasonable. Hockey needs to be reformed significantly. I don’t know if Football can be reformed enough to warrant continuing it as a sport though. I can point to specific rules changes that have and could make hockey significantly safer without fundamentally changing the game in a negative way.

Football, I still think, is largely unsalvageable.

Also, it seems the president of the team is walking back that image/news, so who knows how real it is or not. But what a cheesy way to float a trial balloon. “3 finalists of these 8…”

Racism in the NFL, you don’t say! Also a cash, quid pro quo offer to lose games!

Hockey fans are mad and don’t like this, but to oppose this recommendation is to say that children having brain damage is an acceptable price to pay in exchange for sports competition and entertainment. If that’s the position people want to take, at least have the guts to own it.

Sports YouTuber funnyman UrinatingTree made a surprisingly serious video today.

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I used to be a huge American Football fan, mostly college football but the NFL was alright. Since I quit watching it a decade ago, for CTE and many other reasons, I find it more difficult each year to even pretend to care when other people want to discuss it in social small-talk situations. Partially, because my knowledge of who the notable players are and which teams are up or down these days, but mostly because it is harder to overlook the many issues in the sport.

Back after just two weeks. Can’t do anything but smh.

If he gets concussed like that again, is he…dead? I’m no neurologist but sure seems like dude shouldn’t be playing yet, or ever again.

If the worst case happens and he suffers another very severe injury on the field in front of the whole nation/world is that going to actually change anything? If what happened already wasn’t enough, then will anything be enough? I have to take the cynical route and say no. Even if he, or anyone else, where to die, or become brain dead, on national television, I don’t think it would result in real change. It would just get your usual thoughts and prayers, charity, all talk no walk response that always happens. Because anything else will just cost very wealthy people to lose a lot of money, and they would rather pay with someone else’s human life than with their own dollar.

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Maybe one day we’ll just do away with the artifice and just start airing The Running Man or maybe Battle Royale/Squid Game

In some ways it would be more acceptable because at least nobody is lying to themselves about watching people die for their entertainment.

Yep, I 100% agree at this point. If this society can live with the threat and reality of gun violence and keep going on as we are, this attitude towards the risks and injuries of American Football will not crush the sport. This is toxic masculinity as a lifestyle. The acceptance can’t be reasoned with. This is why I am so done with the sport, can’t even keep up polite water cooler conversation about it.

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