Children's Television

I was reminded of the terror that was Camp Candy today on Twitter.

I watched that show. But I’m older than a lot of people lumped into my generational demographic. I remember watching these two shows religiously.

What’s the difference between this thread and most of the content in all the anime threads?

I missed the Teddy Ruxpin show by a few years, but I remember the video rental place we went to as a kid had a VHS of a couple episodes and I would always either rent that or Jurassic Park. I haven’t thought about that in years!

Zoobilee Zoo scared the ever loving shit out of me as a little kid. Too much like clowns.

Australian Children’s tv Shows when I grew up were something else, man.

Cybergirl - an alien robot in latex trousers fights other aliens in cheap fetish gear with the power of cyber and cheap composite effects.

Pig’s breakfast:

Thunderstone: A little after my time, but it was basically Mad Max for kids.


Ferals - Basically shit muppets that lived in a sewer and/or TV studio.

And of course, the best of all children’s TV for all time, Round the twist.

We had Round the Twist here too. I remember it being kinda for kids a little older than me so I don’t remember much about it.

If you’re interested in revisiting children’s entertainment, Abby Howard—who you might remember from PA’s Strip Search—and her sister Maddie watch and review half-remembered shows in their Sistertime Podcast. (Currently hosted on soundcloud, so download them quick.)

They covered Round the Twist, which I hadn’t heard of.

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Children’s television also consists of live-action.