Cellular Phones

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Give me internet or give me death.
[/quote]Well, in that case, you could try this one. Might be a little less comfortable fitting it in your, uh, pocket, as it were. But a bit of cash and a sim card, you’re ready for the world of Prison phones.

You joke but for ~$80 I may just try it out.

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You joke but for ~$80 I may just try it out.
[/quote]I suggest silicon based lube.

I keep ky around for this sort of thing.

Maybe that is the issue. I CONSTANTLY use my phone. I have a job where no one gives a crap if I spend half the day playing on my phone as long as the job is done at the end of the day, so I spend half the day playing on my phone.

Ky is water based hth

Holy shit you guys get updates slow in the US, that LG G4 bootloop thing happened worldwide midway through last year on my Mum’s phone so I sent it back to LG and in the meanwhile bought a Nexus 6P for her. When it finally came back I gave it to my Dad.

Pixel train all day.

Otherwise possibly the Essential Phone.

Also buying phones outright all the time, fuck the US carrier lock in method.

I was able to send the phone to Sprint because it was covered under Insurance. Sadly that’s a nightmare to deal with because the website is always down and “Next Day Shipping” is a mistake for “Regular Ass Ground Shipping.”

Gonna get a new phone the second this replacement one craps out on me. Waiting is too much in the modern day.

But why? Who would want that?

My Xperia Z5 Compact is finally nearing its end-of-life. The battery is only lasting 12-18 hours now (compared to 30+ when it was new), and the USB port is getting a little dodgy.

The new XZ2 Compact is… fugly and big? I just bought last year’s XZ1 Compact instead (at a much lower price). It arrives tomorrow, and I’ll review on Monday :wink:

i can’t believe 4.6" is considered “compact” these days. I hate the big phone trend.

Do you do a clean android install when you get your phone? I’ve had the Xperia X Compact since I broke my Xperia Z3 Compact. They’re great phones with fantastic cameras except for all the Sony ecosystem bullshit.

Months after Google bought HTC, their new Android phone will be unveiled May 23.

I picked up the Pixel 2, and I love it, but fuck if “Squeeze for Google Assistant” ain’t the dumbest feature ever.

I have an original Pixel XL and I love it. I’m pretty sure I’ll only buy Google branded phones from now on. My Nexus 6P was amazing too.

I can’t stand the 6+ inch form factor.

I have giant meat claws, so smaller phones are functionally useless to me, which is why I’m happy with my LG V30+. I used to have a Note 3 before it with which I did a lot of sketching on, so there’s that too.

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