Celebrity Deaths




This sucks.






Thank the gods, he’s finally dead, maybe the LaRouche crazies will go away…



I’d never heard of him before the news mentioned his death, but he seems to have been who the stereotypical “male fashion designer” character was based on.



Mark Hollis of Talk Talk passed away. He might have not been a celebrity to a lot of people, but he was pretty important to me growing up. Going to go listen to this album on repeat now if you don’t mind me.


Hockey Hall of Famer Ted Lindsay

Keith Flint, lead singer of the band Prodigy


Didn’t Prodigy just come back recently? They were going to tour in May I think.


Luke Perry…

(fifteen characters)


Ok, that’s three. Quota has been met. Please stop now.


Also Juliane’s grandmother died today.


King Kong Bundy, who headlined Wrestlemania 2 against Hulk Hogan.


Soon =(


At least he’s going to a real doctor, so he has a non-zero chance. Also, I’m I bad that he made a video, but didn’t reveal the info in the form of a Jeopardy answer?

Steve Jobs was “lucky” enough to have a pancreatic cancer that actually had a good chance of surviving with treatment, and it was also diagnosed quickly! He opted for fake medicine until it was too late. If he had listened to real doctors from the beginning, he would have almost definitely lived much longer, and could even be alive today.


Is there any worse outlook than stage 4 PanCan?