Celebrity Deaths


People. Do not kill yourself. We need you alive. If you ever find yourself considering it, call 1-800-273-8255.


This one stings way more than I thought it would. His take on food culture and life resonated with me over the years, and shaped how I saw a lot of culinary things past what my chef parents originally taught me. His stride towards finding the great outside of the high-rise places of the world made him completely unique, he will be missed.

I’ll eat some pork today in his honor.





I went to see Elvis’ band on tour in January and they called him on the phone so he could say hello from back home.




One of my favorite pro wrestlers, Vader, passed away on Monday.

Non wrestling fans may remember him from his appearances on Boy Meets World


I forgot to mention it earlier, but Guitar legend, lead guitarist of The Trailblazers, Phil Emmanuel, passed away recently.

He had the weirdest head on him, but man that dude could play.




Also obligatory “fuck Phil Anselmo” comment.




The first Otousan, the white dog in the Softbank commercials, passed away at the age of 16 today. His two sons are carrying on in his place.



If you grew up watching Nickelodeon, you’ve lost a piece of your childhood.



Best Spider-Man artist. Also crazy Ayn Rand worshipping recluse.


Ray Emery, former professional hockey goalie (aged 35), has drowned while swimming in Hamilton harbor. Emery was known for his abrasive personality as well as not being shy about getting involved in a fight on the ice. However, he also won a Stanley Cup as a backup goalie for the Chicago Blackhawks in 2013. He also won a William S. Jennings trophy together with Blackhawks starting goalie Corey Crawford that year. This is even more surprising considering he was diagnosed with in 2010 with Avascular necrosis, which cost him multiple surgeries and 13 centimeters of his right leg. For his successful return to professional hockey he was nominated for the Bill Masterton Trophy.

Edit: Something that apparently has passed me entirely by (and I honestly only found out just now) is that Emery was also involved in an assault of his then fiancee Keshia Chante in 2016, which makes my feelings about him rather more confusing. However, I wanted to add this here for full disclosure about the man.