Bravest Warriors

I haven’t thought about my buddies the Bravest Warriors in quite some time, other than making Catbug Rebecca jokes every show. I was very surprised to see this YouTube video appear in my feed when I got home just now.


I’m legit excited. I really enjoy BW.

I’m super, super excited by this. Catbug’s voice has to be way older now though. Will he be as adorable?

Holy shit. I thought they just stopped because of all the merch $$$ from We Love Fine.

My eyes lit up when I saw this thread, in hopes it would deliver the freshest of content. Soooooooooooooon.

The first two episodes of season 3 were fun. I still hold this a bit below Adventure Time but it’s definitely on the small list of things I watch when they’re released.

On a separate note this is the first time I’ve been able to use the VRV app since its wide release and they fixed my account. It still feels like a beta in some ways and I’m not fond of parts of the UI but it’ll due for now.

I tried VRV on my HTPC and couldn’t figure out how to play any videos. Cancelled my account. Using Youtube.

New episodes are uploaded to YouTube a month after they premiere on VRV, so if you have the patience, they’ll become free eventually.

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To my knowledge it doesn’t have online playback yet, just through apps.