Book Club - Pages of Pain by Troy Denning

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Rym read this when he was young, and remembered it being the best of the Dungeons & Dragons branded novels. Surprisingly, this opinion is not entirely uncommon. Will adult brain see otherwise? Is it merely the bar being so very, very low? The GeekNights Book Club will decide. Take a journey with us to the sensibilities of 1996!

The Lady of Pain, vigilant defender of Sigil, keeps an ongoing memoir of her existence. Here, in her own words, is her eternal story. Interspersed with these memoir passages is a story that takes plae in the maze where threats to Sigil are incarcerated for all eternity.

The most surprising thing so far is that I just got to the part of the book that I remembered being “basically the end,” yet Kindle says it’s around 48% done. So…


The Amnesian Rym forgot a lot of the details of this book.

I think you accidentally posted a House of Leaves recap

I read it! Finally.

Lots of body horror, what fun.

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What I love is that it’s so much more body horror than anyone expects.

First, you don’t expect body horror from a D&D branded novel.

Then, already having my warning about body horror, you encounter some and are like “oh, this is what Rym was talking about.”

Then there’s more.

Then there’s more.

Then someone tears their own skin off.

Then there’s more.

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