Black Lives Matter

Black lives matter. George Floyd was murdered by the police, as countless others have been. It would be hollow for us to do the show tonight while so many risk their safety to fight this racist injustice.

You can listen to two white guys talk about games some other night.

Tonight, consider a donation to any or all of these worthy causes:

  • Black Lives Matter Global Network
  • Reclaim the Block
  • National Bail Out
  • Black Visions Collective
  • NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund
  • The National Police Accountability Project
  • Color of Change Education Fund
  • Unicorn Riot
  • Campaign Zero
  • Advancement Project
  • The Marshall Project


Is the Source Link supposed to go somewhere?

Seems like the clock on the server was wrong, so the post was hidden because it was in the future. I fixed it.

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That’s a convenient link. I’ve been trying to figure out where to throw my money, because right now that’s the best direct support I can give, but I haven’t had energy to sort through all the options.

I’m doing $75/month split among all of them, because they’re all worthy causes.

I recommend adding the (National Lawyers Guild) NLG to the list of worthy causes. They do good work, they define themselves as an explicitly anti-racist organization. They are often a very friendly face and useful resource when arrested while attending a protest.

I posted the link above because it is a meta-donation that splits evenly across that list of groups. A problem right now is that some groups are getting huge amounts of donations due to media attention - more than they know what to do with.

Not recommending you somehow alter what act blue is doing. Only what you’re doing, which is add the NLG to the list of orgs ya recommend supporting.

I say this because the NLG NYC is doing a bunch of on the ground work supporting protesters. At the actions I’ve seen, their NYC number ((212) 679-6018) is distributed and everyone recommends you write it in permanent marker on your body as it’s one of the best numbers you can have on you to spend your call on, as it’s illegal for the police to record a call with a lawyer (whereas apparently family or friends are not).

As of this moment, in NYC, arrested folks are being denied their phone call because it’s ‘chaotic’ so the NLG has had legal observers on the ground gathering info from those arrested so they can reach out and provide legal assistance where none other is forthcoming.

A racist is compiling a list of companies you should apparently support.

Didn’t know I already had him blocked when I discovered this new thread, I had a peek at the tweet replies and omg :rofl:


Mad white dude is cancelling games because gaming companies are stating that black lives matter.

Every element of this makes me so happy. The language they used was precise and focused on the right things – most notably to me being how Louie explained racism to Elmo as people being “treated” differently not people “thinking” differently. The fact that they went to CNN instead of releasing it on HBO is great because it raises accessibility. This is a great first step to training the anti-racists of tomorrow.



It’s gotta be a bit, right? No one can be that stupid.


There is no better visualization of paying lip service to minorities while doing nothing to help them than BLM and Pride overlayed on a statue of Robert E Lee.

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I saw an admonition today to white people to not turn Juneteenth into a Cinco de Mayo or St Patrick’s Day. That is, don’t bastardize this day with your own fucked up and watered down interpretations of the meaning of the day. I think that is a good heads-up.

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VistaPrint is cancelled. Not that they were all that great to begin with.

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Welp. I used them heavily in the past. They had the best interface and rates of the bulk printers for our flyers and such.

But my last order was near the end of 2017. So it’s an easy boycott.

Wouldn’t mind taking all the slaveowners off our money.