Big O and Big O 2

Our original final thoughts on Big O from 2006!

We talk so slow and are so young!

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The original episode:

Lol, we talked about Wings of Rean too.

The ending to Big O was 100% a copout. It didn’t make much sense or tie well, if at all, into any of the foreshadowing.

I love everything about the show up until the ending. What ever the ending was trying to say could have be said better any number of ways. Big O had the potential to say a lot more about identity, memory, technology, war, economy, sentience et cetera, but doesn’t because maybe they simply weren’t allowed to make more than 26 episodes. Big O 2 could have developed differently or had 13 more episodes to flesh out the mysteries of the world, a poignant ending, more mechs, more droids!

I love that ending because it basically says “you can’t know some things, so use what you do know to be the kind of person and make the kind of world you want.”

Mewtwo said it better.

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