Real beards, fake beards, imaginary beards. Talk about beards baby.


Haven’t ever grown a beard, until covid. Now I have an old paint brush.

I just realized this second. Are you the artist formerly known as Omnutia?

That’s a fabulous beard that clearly belongs to someone who could be very skilled with a paintbrush.

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#15 :sweat_smile:

I can tell you with absolute certainty, that is not my man Omnutia. But he says hi. He’s married and living in LA now, doing well for himself! (And his beard is magnificent.)

Mmm. Good for him. Bottom half of dazzle’s face looks like my (decade+ old??) memory.

That photo isn’t that far off. They have similar beard growth, though the jawline is a bit different.

Mine is at the point of regular oiling and combing.


I’m jealous of people whose beards match their hair color. Mine looks like I shaved a tortie and glued it’s hair to my face, though is going more grey every year.

Yeah, my beard has got silver streaks, but they match the silver streak I’m getting on my head.

My beard gets pretty red with some blond highlights if I’m getting sun in the summer in contrast to my dark chestnut hair. I actually really enjoy having a different, natural shade for my beard hair.