Awesome/Summer Games Done Quick

Co-op GeoGuessr is THE MOST FRUSTRATING GeoGuessr.

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Rhythm games going big this GDQ. I guess one benefit of streaming from home is you can use your custom arcade machine.

DDR : Dancerush :: Stepmania : whatever this is

SGDQ 2022 is in person! (for now)

Summer Games Done Quick 2022 Returns - In-Person

For the first time since Awesome Games Done Quick 2020, Games Done Quick will be returning in-person!
In accordance with our stance on safety, SGDQ2022 will be requiring full COVID-19 vaccinations (with proof), as well as KN95/N95/KF94 masks, for all attendees of the event. Social distancing will be practiced in all event spaces. The event attendance cap will be reduced in order to facilitate social distancing requirements.

I have to say, while virtual was obviously necessary, the remote events really aren’t as fun as a meat GDQ.

I hope they can safely pull it off - vaccine and mask requirement is really good to hear.

Games list! The ones that jump out at me:

Advance Wars
DS Any% (No Map Glitch)

Super Nintendo Entertainment System
Race between GrandPooBear and MrMightyMouse_

Kaizo Super Mario World Relay Race

Metroid Dread
Nintendo Switch Any% NMG Normal

Super Mario All-Stars + Super Mario World
Super Nintendo Entertainment System All Five Games w/ACE
(That runner… is ACE arbitrary code execution? wow)

Super Mario Maker 2
Nintendo Switch Relay Race

Super Mario World
SNES Relay Race

You know, every year I think, “how can they make Super Metroid crazier.” And then they do it.
Super Metroid Kaizo
Super Nintendo Any%

My cup overfloweth!

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