Awesome/Summer Games Done Quick


Always save, always.


I usually save, but save keeps winning. Going for kill this time.


Kill has a two year winning streak…


Runner’s choice = kill.


Please someone make a list of all the best runs so I can catch up with them once I get home.


Why is dude wearing gloves playing Wind Waker?


Four hour run. Need some protection.


He’s only wearing glove, apparently.


I looked it up

AGDQ 2014 - KILL
SGDQ 2014 - KILL
AGDQ 2015 - SAVE
SGDQ 2015 - SAVE
AGDQ 2016 - KILL
SGDQ 2016 - KILL

Looks like we gotta go with SAVE to keep the pattern alive. Also, they are doing a 100% run this year, and it’s not 100% if you don’t save the animals.


It’s only $400 difference out of 600k.



Holy. Super Metroid Rotation.


Holy shit dat rotation.


I like how they have such a variety of run types. Some super-serial trying for top speed (e.g. Super Metroid), fantastic demonstrations of skill (blindfold insanity Tetris), technically interesting and great commentary (Half-Life 2), and some hilarious exhibition (2p1c).

Really great job by GDQ to find such great programming.


That was an incredible AGDQ. I don’t know if they’re gonna be able to top it in 2018.


3 million dollars, that’s how.


I have been backing up computer data which means catching up on the streams I missed live. La Mulana Remake is insane as well as the Donkey Kong Trilogy relay. However my personal “winner” for best run would be this Super Mario Sunshine.


Entirely late to the party, but yeah! Games done quick is something I always save some charity budget for :slight_smile:


Here’s a speedrun that will never be featured on AGDQ.


There is a Final Fantasy Complete Series Race going on currently. Three teams going along to complete every single final fantasy game in a row in order.

The fist half (FF1-FF7) is currently archived on the youtube channel