Awesome/Summer Games Done Quick


Lately I’ve been “playing” games in my steam backlog by watching the GDQ speedrun. There, now I can uninstall it!


[Summer schedule done quick.] ( VVVVVV 100% race!



Why is Super Metroid on Friday? WTF


And 4 1/2 hour Earthbound run is the last on the schedule? They wait until later to reveal the last last game or something? Apparently I’ve never looked at the schedule ahead of time before…


They usually end the stream with a long rpg to give ample time for the last minute donations.


Guacamelee: Gold Edition 100% 1p1c

What does that mean? Specifying 1p1c seems… unnecessary.


Oh my god Tiny Tunes Adventures fuck that game. And dang FF VII is still 8 hours long.

I was trying to see if they had zero mission. Strangely a any% run from last year is quite a bit longer than my friends in high school. Like 20 mins longer. I dunno if they’re doing something different.


If you are in the mood for a speeding marathon NASA is going to be starting up this afternoon.

They are kicking it off with Super Mario RPG and the rest of the schedule does not look too bad.


Super disappointed to discover it’s not NASA.


Yeah, very bad name.


Lately I have been checking out Random tournament games to klll time. Effectively think of a game you played, take all the items and randomize their locations, the goal is to beat the game as fast as possible. Here is one example of a back and forth match that is amazing (in two parts).


Today I learned that there is a randomizer mod for Link to the Past: The Best Zelda. I will now be playing this game far more often than I once did.


How does the randomizer work exactly? Does it prevent items from being impossible to reach? Does it avoid ridiculously easy setups where very powerful weapons are right at the start?


Here is the git hub for it in short they programed an AI to create the seed giving rules to ensure you can beat the game depending on what category you choose. The tourney going on now you can get op real fast since they are using older logic. Also this is the minor glitch version (fake flippers and bomb jumps ok) but there is a glitch version which gets crazier.

If you want to get insane there is a Zelda 1 version of this that also randomizes dungeon entrances and dunegon layouts. They are also holding a tourney right now on SpeedGaming and SpeedGaming2 on Twitch.


The ALTTP randomizer is intelligently put together. It doesn’t create a game with an unbeatable (or near impossible) deadlock. For example, it won’t require you to go through caves if you don’t have the lantern. It doesn’t avoid ridiculously easy setups, but since it’s usually run as a competition between two players with an identical seed, that doesn’t matter.

If I were going to start speedrunning, this would be where I would start.


I think they mentioned Super Metroid was soon to be added to the rotation of randomized races on one of their streams.


Here is one more really good race for a completely different outcome than before.


I been watching some of the streamers I follow practicing LTTP Randomizer runs. This person has also made an introduction video stream too.

If you are a more of a 3D Zelda fan there exists a randomizer for Majora’s Mask too which I have watched a speedrunner play through it as well as play both OoT and MM “super wrong”


Speaking of Zelda