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Soundtrack to Spell of the West.

From the creators of Rick and Morty

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Includes “work in progress” look at Yuasa’s new project “Inu-Oh”

I guess that pretty much confirms that even though he’s not president of Science Saru anymore, he’s still working there.

That article is from a year ago.

Somehow I missed it last years. I was fooled by the “June”. Also, the movie is coming out in 2021, so he’s still there working on it. I just watched the preview at Annecy, and he’s there talking about it.

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I liked this a lot. 3 minutes.

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Tyson Hesse has new Sonic animations for YouTube!

Charles Brubaker is animating an adaptation of his webcomic, although this plays out differently.

One of the best YouTube animators, Harry Partridge, has finally launched a Patreon. Go support him, please.