Analog Horror

Change the channel. It matters not. There are other recievers.

Analog Horror is an aesthetic for horror combining the lofi aesthetic of SD broadcast TV, VHS, mid-80s cable, and horror, usually eldritch in it’s variety. Local58 is probably the most well-known, by perennial PAX favorite Kris Straub:

(Contingency happens to be my favorite, but CW Suicidal imagery on that one)

Channel 7 is also pretty good IMO:

CH/SS is a bit incomprehensable, but decent:

And Mandela Catelog seems to be the new hotness:

(CW: Body Horror)

As is Gemini, which poses as a distributor of unusual VHS tapes:

(Also CW: Body Horror)

There’s also a lot of one-off and minor creations, of the usual varying quality, usually with an overuse of EAS tones.

New Local 58

Interesting. So the horrible moon king can’t mess with digital signals.

Also the number provided is real and has a recording on the other end of the line.

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The true analog horror is when the VCR eats your tape.