American Democracy


It’s alright man. You don’t have to fight if you don’t want to, I just hate to see a seagull motherfucker pushing you around like that.


For the podcast, I would seek out someone willing to be a spokesperson, say from the local BLM etc. Offer to pay them for their time, and research beforehand to determine appropriate questions, phrasing, potential micro aggressions. And make sure that your approach doesn’t center you, or your interests.

There’s a scene from Insecure where Issa says she’s tired of being the one. The one POC who represents a multitude of POC. The one who has to choose to call things out or ignore them while exercising self care.


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EDIT: If you live in Florida, you may need to have your signature corrected. You have two days.


Katie Porter has won California.



I love that the guy running against Golden, tried to sue to stop ranked choice voting after the election but before they tabulated the votes. Like play the game by the rules… Oh wait, that’s not how Republicans work.


Well, shit.


Florida has failed as well.


Orange County, CA has completely cleaned sweep. No Republicans in office.

And congrats (mostly) to New Jersey.

Unfortunately, Wisconsin was cheated.


This is pretty big news! The case still has to be decided, but the motion to dismiss was denied:

"Wednesday’s decision does not end the case, which will proceed to discovery and trial phases. Gersh’s lawyers still must prove that Anglin is liable for invasion of privacy, among other claims…

Successful litigation could offer an avenue of recourse — though a time-consuming and costly one — for victims of online harassment and trolling.

Hiding behind a keyboard is an insufficient mask, Dinielli said. “We’ll find you and the courts will hold you accountable.”


Another thing that the article hasn’t yet mentioned is that photos of her have surfaced where she sports a Confederate hat.



…and the racist wins Mississippi.


Mississippi Goddamn it.


Mississippi exists to answer the question “If Alabama is 49th who is 50th?”


“racially charged” :roll_eyes:





Thats good, but I like this edit better.