American Democracy


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Yeah, there appears to be massive election fraud on part of the Republicans by suppressing Absentee ballots.


Uh oh…


If you think that you sharing David Brooks, a notorious racist who likes to share crackpot theories, makes me a gator, I don’t know what to tell you. There isn’t a argument there. They invented an algorithm and put everyone in their stupid boxes to advance a clearly neoliberal political agenda. Garbage frame, garbage data, garbage results. Ya didn’t make an argument so I didn’t think you deserved an detailed answer when you shared fact-tious propaganda in this a public forum.


Yeah, I make no secret of what I think of Gomez, but I’ll at least give him the credit that he’s not a right winger of any stripe, let alone gamergaters. He’s a lot of things, but Left-wing is definitely one of them.

That said, I don’t think Naoza was trying to say he’s a gator, I think he just made a typo writing out “GomezGomez”. Y’know, double Gomez. It would be a little too weird, even for this forum, to accuse a dude of being a gator apropos of nothing, when that person had pretty consistently presented as left-wing.


Churba is correct. When I first saw this I wasn’t sure what you were talking about… had to read my comment a few times before I realized my mistake. Yeah was supposed to be gomezgomez.


If you can’t win, cheat. If you cheat and still lose, rewrite the laws:

"In Wisconsin, the Republicans, who have enjoyed single-party rule in the state for close to a decade, are gearing up this week to pass a suite of changes in an “extraordinary session” — which is where the legislature calls itself back after the session ends — that would, among other things, limit early voting; move the Wisconsin 2020 presidential primary from March, when Democratic turnout will be high, to April (an apparent effort to boost the chances of a conservative judge in that April’s state Supreme Court election); restrict the governor’s ability to make certain appointments; and otherwise hand more power to the state legislature.

In Michigan, where Democrats last month won the governor’s mansion as well as the races for attorney general and secretary of state, Republican lawmakers last week introduced measures that would water down the authority of those positions on campaign finance oversight and other legal matters."


Cheating at elections, not cool. Doing unconstitutional or illegal things, not cool. Doing everything within your power within the rules to maintain power… I don’t agree with it. I’d rather it not happen. I would very much like to stop them. I just can’t find any way to attack the pure principle behind it.

If you’re playing a game and the game grants players the power to change the rules of the game itself, you change them to give yourself the most power and the greatest ability to maintain power. That’s how it works. There is no reason to hold back and play something weak when the OP cards have not been banned.

What makes me even more upset is that it seems that Republicans have a monopoly on playing dirty. I want to see Democrats do dirty shit like this also. Instead, they roll over like a dog that wants a belly rub.

This is one thing that a lot of people don’t understand about Trump. He fights for the wrong things. He fights for evil. He loses most or all of his fights. Look how many lawsuits he has filed and lost. But you know what? He fights. He got a lot of votes from people who like him because he fights. They don’t care what he fights for. They don’t care if he wins. They just want a fighter, and they got one.

I don’t like seeing someone fight for the wrong things, but I sure as hell also don’t like seeing someone who believes in good things refuse to fight for them. Where are the democrats who will fucking fight? Republicans won’t hesitate to throw a haymaker for evil, even if it’s a complete whiff. Democrats seem like they don’t even want to swat a fly in the name of justice.

The one thing I have in common with Trump supporters is that I too want to see someone fight. Unlike them, I care very deeply about what they are fighting for. Where is the smart and good person who will fight tooth and nail with every dirty trick in the book? Who will poke the GOP in the eye and kick them right in the junk? Preferably repeated kicks to the junk without ever stopping even after they are on the ground.

Every state controlled by democrats and also the federal House of Representative should be using tactics at least as dirty as what is going on in the Wisconsin and Michigan legislatures. You fight fire with fire. And then when you re-acquire power thanks to all those dirty tricks, you use that power to ensure nobody on either side can ever use those dirty tricks ever again.


Except the real world doesn’t work like that. There’s no way to ensure that one side can’t use dirty tricks.

When you fight fire with fire, everything just burns.


We’re on fire anyway. Better to be standing around the barrel warming our hands together than be tied to a stake above the flames.


That is absolutely untrue. He didn’t get a lot of voters because he’s a fighter, and he’s not one - he’s a cheat and a bully, he doens’t fight for jack shit. And he literally ran a populist campaign, people voted for him because he told them he was for whatever they were for, including things that it’s not socially acceptable to say that they’re for, like being racist pricks.

As for the democrats not fighting, that’s horseshit too. You think the ACA just breezed through? Or basically any democratic victory in the last decade? You think 40+ seats in the last midterm just fell into their lap because of Trump, and the dems just sat back twiddling their thumbs as it happened?

And how the hell can you, of all people, not find a way to attack the pure principle behind their doing what amounts to cheating and subverting democracy? You’ve pulled out “Moral imperatives” and ethical demands over much weaker and less important shit than that, but you can’t muster one now? I’ve seen you make more effort to argue about which computer monitor or video game people should or shouldn’t buy.

Seriously, what the fuck, man. I don’t know where or who you’re getting these ideas from, but I suggest you go there, find them again and punch them in the fucking mouth.


If only we had a President and a Congress that was interested in beefing up our cybersecurity and safeguarding our election process… /s



Put all the former Confederate states back under martial law and fix this shit like ought have been done 150 years ago. Or make all elections run by the federal government from president to dog catcher.


It’s not just Confederate states, Michigan and Wisconsin are having similar problems.




Well, someone’s in trouble.