American Democracy

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Just meme-ing I expect this to be reclosed by Rym in N minutes.


I think I have frightened the shittiest takes out of the GeekNights community by this point.



A very important thing to remember is that you have to reject basic media framing.

It’s easy to incorrectly frame this latest failure as “The Democrats are in disarray.”

But the actual reality is that 48 Democrats directly and publicly voted to end the filibuster for voting rights. That’s the most unified Democratic party in modern history.

52 Senators are fascist traitors. Two of them happen to caucus with the Democrats. If Democrats hold the House and gain 2 Senate seats in 2022, they can pass this bill.


I guess this is doubling down and digging in. Definitely an escalation.

If they think they can flaunt the First Amendment on the Capitol attack, it won’t work.

The text reads: " Congress shall make no law [ . . . ] the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances."

The bold word is important. Five people died and many more were injured. This wasn’t a peaceful assembly by any means. The GOP has no leg to stand on.

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It might really happen, and a lot sooner than I could have hoped.


Apparently this was not intentional.

Noted “piece of shit” Sen. Tom Cotton would have objected and blocked it. But he wasn’t paying attention and didn’t know. It is now too late for him to block this.


Isn’t this exactly what I suggest? These senators are old. You can use dirty tricks to get legislation through when they’re asleep.

Well I guess SInema is good for one thing…

Read the article! It’s almost exactly your plan:

“Why couldn’t you just do a sneak attack when nobody was looking? That’s a courtesy of the Senate, where that doesn’t happen,” [Republican Sen. Mike Braun] said.