American Democracy


I’ve seen a lot of Jared Polis on the Internet, and his only problem is he believes in blockchains.


Oh no. I didn’t know that.

I think he still is one of the better ones.


I did say that’s his only problem.

Well, his only large problem.

He is in favor of campaign finance reform, which is good. But also, he self-funds his own campaign because he is loaded with Internet moneys from the '90s and such, so yeah.

I’d trade Cuomo for him in a heartbeat.


So uh…is threatening witnesses a bad thing?


On the one hand, it sucks that the process was so corrupt that this is necessary.

On the other hand, the process worked as in as much as this BS was sniffed out and they’re doing the right thing by setting a new election date.

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On Wednesday, when asked why he won’t bring H.R. 1 to the Senate floor, though he plans to bring another bill championed by Democrats, the Green New Deal, to a vote, McConnell said, “Because I get to decide what we vote on.”

They’re not even bothering to hide the corruption at this point

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those poor kids, that’s probably the only election where their vote will matter

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Not American Democracy, but there was a very good day for Turkish democracy!

“There is a lesson in all of this for democrats around the world struggling under populists or semi-authoritarian regimes. If you are organized, find the right candidate with the right message — there’s your chance. In many parts of the world, illiberal leaders many times succeed in part because opposition parties are too inefficient or divided. What made the difference in Istanbul and Ankara was not only that the opposition parties united for the first time but also that they were organized at the ballots, making sure there was an observer who stayed until the end of counting and got a copy of the signed affidavit.”


Not sure where exactly this fits it, but it’s an illuminating illustration of the alt-right and someone who’s actually left it and is guilty over what she did as part of it, but is struggling due to her previous associations with it:


Something I never really considered regarding the electoral college: since a state’s representation of based on the number residents, not voters, it basically divies up the voting power of children, felons, and non-citizens among the adult citizens who live nearby.

I don’t know if this is a good thing or not, but it’s interesting.


Surprise, surprise, the Republicans in Ohio drew a district map that unfairly advantages them. They will have to draw a new one for 2020.

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