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Local theatre group has given me the part of the head Dwarf in Snow White. I’m a little grumbly because I’m only in a couple of scenes compared with last year’s part where I was one of the main characters. The character is kind of flat because the dwarves main schtick is they all have names like Sorry, Who, Kidding etc. making it similar to that old baseball sketch but not as well written. But I’m making sure to take it in my stride. Quite a few people were upset with the part they got and I’m making sure that I’m not going to be a nuisance about it.

I think back to my childhood when one of my brother’s was in the nativity play at Christmas and was the inn keeper and he was only in that for one scene but he did the part so well for his age they put him in the local paper!

Overact. everything

If there’s scenery chew it to dust. Milk that giant cow till it cries uncle. Be such a large ham your state fair wants to give you a blue ribbon.

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And here I thought Doc was the head dwarf.

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No. I’m Sorry.

It’s Snow White and the “Several” Dwarfs.

Ah yes, one of those, as you said.

I’m with tripwire on the hamming it up. I remember once I played Lord Lopsided in The Shoemaker and The Elves, and they basically went “Okay, he’s a merry fop, who walks in an exaggerated manner.” Not a big part, just a couple of scenes and a song. I took it a bit past merry fop, and more into jovially insane - riding(and falling off) an invisible horse, improvising half my lines(Thankfully, I’d done a few improv shows with the two leads, and we knew how to bounce off each other), just wandering about and making a nuisance of myself, and generally carrying on like Brian Blessed if Brian Blessed had been rapidly double-fisting LSD and Amphetamines.

It went down so well(more than a little thanks to the leads being very quick on their feet) that we actually got booked for an extended run, including a one-off late-night, mostly improvised 18+ special performance. We even had people buying tickets to see it twice, honestly one of the most successful shows I’ve ever been a part of.