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Inspired by Geeknights on Wed, post great Musicals here and other musical theater nerdery/snobbery

Hadestown is the Orpheus myth transplanted to depression-era America. Lots of Jazz, blues, and magical realism

EDIT: Almost forgot the Heathers musical, based off the movie of the same name

Also, how do people feel about Broadway’s iron grip on recording video of their productions? Sure, many get translated to movies, but isn’t there some kind of value in preserving theatrical performances?

Six is a fun musical about the six Tudor wives portrayed as Pop Queens.

Aha! A thread I can share my notes about musical cast recordings I’ve listened to over the past year. I’ll do it one musical at a time, so as not to flood the thread.

Last Five Years - very good, interesting structure, not sure if I’ll come back to it though.

Later: listened again. Still very good!

The Lion King - top stuff!

Later: this has become one of my favorite albums. Such a strong showing in terms of music writing talent.

The Producers - so bland. Not sure if the plaudits are just the Tony voters sucking their own cocks. Certainly feels like it.

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I think they recall the brilliance of the movie (including the time/place/context of the movie) in their love of the musical.

I don’t need to see that in person. The movie stands alone.

Little Shop of Horrors - I had the movie version on tape years ago. Still enjoyable. The ending makes so much more sense in this version!