Advance Wars


Warbits update: more missions, on sale for 99¢.

(We talked a lot about Advance Warses on


I’m bringing this show back soon!


I started streaming Advance Wars again!

Did some Days of Ruin, remembering how to play and showing off regular “winning” strategy versus S-rank optimization strategy.


So, I’m not deep enough into the Advance Wars fandom to know if it’s a “good” implementation or not, but Wargroove was a fun play at PAX East and is coming to the Switch in a couple weeks.


I’m gonna try it even though most of the other Advance Wars clones have disappointed.


Will played more than I did, but the fact that we left, and then went back for another go, says quite a bit.


Looks like Wargroove is going to have PC/XBox/Switch crossplay on Day 1. In that case I think I’ll get the PC version. Never paying for Nintendo online, so…