Actually Listenable Christmas Music

A few years ago, Cee Lo Green put out a Christmas album.

It’s worthless, because he completely ignored the obvious remix; “Forget Yule.”

Christmas music is strange. Is there anything else that

  • Get zero play throughout the year
  • Most major pop artists record a song, if not an entire album drawn from a pool of ~a dozen songs about it
  • Goes into heavy rotation in nearly all public spaces for one month
  • People don’t want any part of after one particular day


OK here we go. This is all I need for the last few weeks of the year:

The composer has a lot more songs like this at his channel.

Some Mix Mash Moosh Mups, for some seasonal lyrical miracles:


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It’s a very vaporwavey project from MACROSS, but I’m all here for it.

Waduhek Christmas Album

Yes, Christmas is already over, but this is still worth a listen. (I’m not even sure if this will still be up next year, so I’ll post it in case it disappears into the ether.)

Last Christmas is legit my fave pop christmas song of all time.

I don’t even celebrate Christmas and I could listen to this over and over again:

Actually Listenable Watchable Christmas Music Videos

PSY and Heize just dropped an Xmas track.

/xpost - KPop

I’d be up for a Nashville Christmas: