Actually Listenable Christmas Music


A few years ago, Cee Lo Green put out a Christmas album.

It’s worthless, because he completely ignored the obvious remix; “Forget Yule.”


Christmas music is strange. Is there anything else that

  • Get zero play throughout the year
  • Most major pop artists record a song, if not an entire album drawn from a pool of ~a dozen songs about it
  • Goes into heavy rotation in nearly all public spaces for one month
  • People don’t want any part of after one particular day




OK here we go. This is all I need for the last few weeks of the year:




The composer has a lot more songs like this at his channel.



Some Mix Mash Moosh Mups, for some seasonal lyrical miracles:




It’s a very vaporwavey project from MACROSS, but I’m all here for it.


Waduhek Christmas Album


Yes, Christmas is already over, but this is still worth a listen. (I’m not even sure if this will still be up next year, so I’ll post it in case it disappears into the ether.)