31 Days of Terminator

It’s year 3, so I think it deserves to move out of this Non-ShitTalk thread.

Yes. It’s happening again.
The first year, Erika (@open_sketchbook) and I thought we escaped the Terminator chasing us every day.
The second year, I thought we killed it off once and for all. Took away it’s future before it began.

I was wrong.

Skynet lives. The Terminators return. And everyone got hotter. Sarah Conner is younger, 100% less blonde, and more fierce than ever. John is auditioning for a angsty late-90 grunge band. And now there’s a lady Terminator and she’s hot and rather personable.
Everything is different. Nothing changes.

Erika and I are venturing forth into this again but this time we wont be watching the SAME MOVIE EVERY DAY.
This time, we’re gonna watch all 31 episodes of the Sarah Conner Chronicles. Yes. There are 31 episodes. We took it as a signal. The movie god’s divine provenance telling us “You’ve done well these past two years, so lean back boys and girls: it’s movie sign”. This also fits in, I’m told, chronologically in the franchise’s timeline.

I’ll post updates here as well, but you can follow along on Tumblr too. And, of course, our weekly check ins will be on my YouTube Channel.


God speed.

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