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Unfortunately it’s a character.



We’ve all been pronouncing it wrong.


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I watched the video of this monster truck front flip a few months ago, and I just can’t get it out my head.


Oh, I’ve got video of that whole run -

And for context, if the commentary doesn’t give it away - most of that season, he’d been giving a competent, but not enormously impressive performance, hanging in there. The truck before him, the Hot Wheels team(because of course Hot wheels has a monster truck team) had busted out a big run with lots of big air and five backflips, so he rips it out and pulls literally the first front flip in Monster Truck freestyle history, and takes the win.


Yeah, that’s the video I watched, and it’s been sitting in my YouTube Watch Later playlist, and I’ve been going back to that moment every few days. The commentary is PERFECT for that moment too. Today I went looking for gifs to share just that moment, rather than directing people to the end of the video.


You know, I kind of like the build. The pootling around, the pretty alright backflip, and then suddenly, BAM, the commentators are amazed, everyone’s on their feet.

I just love monster trucks. Sure, F1 is more technical, sure, Supercars have that door-to-door action, rally is crazy as hell, but there’s something to be said for a sport that’s just all for the spectacle of it.


Literally owned by the company who ran the Ringling Brothers circus since the 60’s. They know how to put on a show!


Huh, never knew that had that kind of pedigree! Having that amount of experience behind them certainly shows. I went to a Monster truck show once as a kid, back when it was a lot of Car-crushing and long-jumping, more than shows like this, but all I remember clearly is that it was terrifyingly loud. I’d like to go again, if I get the opportunity, just to see what it’s like with adult eyes.


I saw a monster truck/stunt show in 1999. It was an open air show in a big field, and was a whole lot of good fun. Motorbike jumps, a monster truck, human canonball, all that kind of thing. I thought at the time it was exactly like a circus, including the fact that it had a ring master.

It also looked pretty dangerous in places. The next year the ring master died when a motorbike landed on him. It didn’t come as a huge surprise to me, but must have been pretty horrific.

"Mr Burns - stage name Richard Kyall - was taking part in the People Jump at the Hollywood Stunt Show.

The motorcyclist had already successfully taken off the ramp over a number of crew lying on the ground.

Mr Burns then laid down at the end of the row. The rider appeared to lose control after he took off the ramp and landed on him."

"The compere was laying on his back and was the last person in the line-up of four or five people. The others ran out of the way but he didn’t move.

"The motorbike’s rear wheel just came crashing down on his head. It was a horrible and sickening feeling.

“Everybody was screaming and the motorcyclist was just laying on the floor shaking.”

“On the way out people were being sick, both men and women were crying. It was horrible, you can’t describe in words the terror. Both the boys woke up in the night crying.”


I used to go to these kinds of shows pretty often as a kid.


Random fact: Madusa (the wresler) is also a monster truck driver.