What's with all these awful Youtubers being popular?


“Ad Hominim! Ad Hominim! Logical Fallacy!”


Technically, yes. Self-censorship is a thing.


In that case censorship is taught from a very young age to basically everyone. I personally like to sometimes call it by it’s more common name: politeness


Isn’t self censorship in reference to the fact that you could receive negative repercussions to your job or from the government in a way that could be categorized as censorship? It is often talked about as the chilling effect on free speech because, though your speech might be within acceptable boundaries, if there is ambiguity then people will not publish/post/speak on the matter out of fear.


They’ve lost the custody rights to their children.



With regard to the h3h3 lawsuit discussed earlier. It’s over and h3h3 won. All this youtube drama is pretty annoying but it is definitely the right decision because the video in question is straight commentary (even if kinda shitty commentary, not by content but by formatting. I just dislike this “chop your video and add in my responses immediately” stuff).

This could have very strong implications for copyright law in general and YouTube in particular.


I wasn’t really aware of the details, but this is definitely good news.


Apparently some right-wing asshat has decided that YouTube is way too liberal and SJW-y and decided to make his own YouTube with blackjack and hookers. He called it “PewTube” and promised no censorship whatsoever and put out ad-slogans attacking Youtube and Google, featuring the Google “G” logo transformed into a hammer and sickle because corporations are all comunist, don’tcha know… Of course the first thing people uploaded were stuff like the Soviet National anthem and audiobooks of the communist manifesto which immediately shot up to to the platforms most viewed videos. And of course the proprietor then removed them while still keeping their viewcounts in the total usage statistics and keeping up other blatant copyright violations (e.g. full tv show episodes).


Apparently PewDiePie called someone a “nigger” live on stream. Assholes are of course trying to excuse it as “an accident” and “he was angry”. Here’s a good explanation of why those are terrible excuses.


Nah man, it was just a “heated gaming moment”. Could’ve happened to anyone who regularly yells racial slurs.


Here’s the clip saved for posterity.

EDIT: The forum isn’t embedding it all that well. Here’s a linked version.


Oh, goodie. Don’t come to the forums much and see this thread. We are hosting a show at my work on Wednesday for the Game Grumps. Those guys have some wacky things in their contract so this level of nonsense actually kinda fits what little I know about them already.


From what I gather, Game Grumps has been significantly less terrible since they kicked JonTron to the curb.


Game Dev Rami Ismail of Vlambeer made an interesting thing in regard to this whole ordeal:

So here are mine:
John and Hank Green (vlogbrothers, CrashCourse, SciShow)
Extra Credits
Mikey Newmann




So PewDiePie, only a day or two after this happened, catches himself halfway into saying it again. On one hand he’s at least trying to seemingly better himself, but on the other it’s clear that this is normal for him in casual conversation.


Just mere weeks after being put on probation for abusing their kids, DaddyOFive and his wife are back on YouTube.


My understanding is that Pewds does actually use that epithet on the regular, but he edits that out of his videos. Obviously you can’t edit a livestream, unless you were going to set up a delay for just such an emergency. He’s clearly a racist though, so I’m not gonna start watching him for sure now.


Honestly, I’m kind of surprised there isn’t some sort of extension or plugin for any of the major streaming software that works as a dump button. You’ve got enough pros out there livestreaming trying to be family friendly, that you’d think someone would want one enough.