What's with all these awful Youtubers being popular?


Blizzard will now punish toxic players based on information from other platforms, specifically streaming.

Dude was being a toxic shithead and streaming it. They banned him based on the streams alone.


I remember working an ISP help desk in 2001, where a couple of the guys wanted to start up a Jackass-like website. One of the pranks they talked about was knocking over a Wal-Mart display “by accident”. As far as I know they didn’t get it off the ground because it was a dumb idea.



I don’t get how the dead rat video wasn’t against youtube’s policy. he should have two strikes against him for that (and the suicide forest video.)



Why is this particular youtube comment section also a cesspit?

Rhetorical question.

Edit: forgot about that report button


This person is way bad and judge Scott would definitely ban them. However, this is one of those really hard lines to draw if you are in the business of having to draw a line instead of just deferring to judge Scott.

What if someone admits they snorted cocaine on stream? They are admitting to a crime. Is that punishable?

You could say that it wasn’t a violent crime. Ok, so someone admits to punching a nazi. Now what?


I forget what twitter account I saw that said this recently but something along the lines of: down the path where you attempt to be perfectly consistent at all times lies madness.

That said, there’s no constitutional right to youtube. We reserve the right to ban anyone any time for any reason. Problem solved.


That might have been CGP? He recited that phrase in the previous HI.


Well that’s that minor mystery solved.


I guess this is the correct thread for this:

I was never into That Guy with the Glasses or Channel Awesome, though I recognize that some of my favorite content on YouTube, such as Lindsay Ellis and Dan Olson got their start there. Apparently that whole thing was a complete shitshow from start to end. Many of the sites content partners collected a number of complaints (and by “a number” I mean 69 pages worth of it) documenting all sorts of transgressions, including horrible sexism, overworking people, quarrels over payment options (e.g. someone using Patreon), hostile work environment, no communication and such. There is a full version and a TL;DR version.


So there’s this vlogger named touchdalight who has been growing in popularity (he has over 350k subs last time I checked) and he’s a real scumbag. He pulls out all the tropes you would expect from clickbait with misleading thumbnails and titles, but here’s the kicker–he’s being manipulative to people who’ve experienced trauma. He has viewers who ask him for advice on dealing with rape and suicidal thoughts, and he brushes them all aside with inappropriate, deliberate clickbait.

Here’s a video exposing his terrible practices.


So, turns out MatPat from Game theorists is also trash. He included and tacitly encouraged some SUPER transphobic jokes in one of his latest videos, and then when confronted about it, turned around going “No, I support the community because I left that field open, it was just a joke, and this is just a witchhunt!”

Edit - Ohhhh that didn’t age well.


I’ve been pondering whether to unsub MatPat for quite a while. His massive ego became increasingly apparent over time and I didn’t like how pseudo-scientific and clickbaity his theories became, but I stuck around because he had contributors who made far better content for his channel.

Now I finally have a reason. Most of those contributors had left and I was only sticking around for Gaijin Goombah, anyway.


If you need a fix of thinky channels that cover similar ground, you could try Wisecrack(who focus more on philosophy) and Because Science(as says on tin), if you don’t watch them already.

Though, I will warn that Wisecrack can sometimes don’t age well - like, for example, their video about why South Park didn’t go that hard after Trump posits that it’s not because they’re right-wing republicans, but is instead a case of just not having what they had pre-written for happen and it throwing them into disarray. That kinda fell apart once Parker and Stone pretty openly admitted that they’re Republicans.


I’ve been watching Wisecrack since they merely started out as just Thug Notes. They make great content.

I’ve never heard of Because Science. I’ll definitely check it out.


I got really sick of Wisecrack once it became the South Park/Rick and Morty Channel. There’s was a substantial lack in content from the other shows like Thug Notes, Earthling Cinema, and 8-Bit Philosophy for way more emphasis on clickbaity, MatPat-style videos. If you go to their channel, there’s a constant string of “The Philosophy of ______” and “The Hidden Meaning of _______.”

Now that’s to say their content isn’t bad, but it just got really really repetitive. Especially when they just aim for the most popular, overanalyzed pieces of pop culture that already exist.

This was a really noticeable week of bad white Internet people. h3h3 (Who is already incredibly shitty but he sicced his fanbase on trans people) and MatPat doing transphobic shit, the Channel Awesome stuff really taking a dive for the worst, and the fanning of Gamergate flames again over Ready Player One.


Fair play. I tend to catch their stuff in binge-watching, mostly because I forget they exist for a few months at a time, and then just catching up on all the stuff I like the look of, so I’m less worried about their week to week output.


The livestreamfail sub has revealed to me a bunch of stuff I’d never witness on my own. Sooo… apparently people are running cults on twitch now? Maybe the internet was a mistake.


Wait, what? Link, please.